Sunday, April 17, 2011

DSMS026 Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson by Black Saturn

I dubbed it my way! is the key phrase that defines the new release from Black Saturn. Waiting to grow on your ears, 'Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson'
takes Black Saturn's cross-pollinated experimental/hip-hop/industrial/noise hybrid and grafts it onto the roots of dub's vintage sound.

4 Cyber Rasta Hymns! cdr limited edition of 29

Black Saturn - Motive by Alrealon Musique

Co-Released with Alrealon Music
Mastered by Phil at Alrealon Studios
Digital release from Alrealon
Buy Download Direct from Alrealon
CD-R release from DSMS

1.Crime Seen
2. Motive
All word & sound
produced,written, and recorded
by Black Saturn

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