Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DSMS024 Dead Air Fresheners - Separated by Commas

Remixes of a long running anonymous noise/dark ambient/spoken word collective based in Portland Oregon.Known for always playing in disguise, performance art fueled live shows have been leaving listeners speechless. Dead Air Fresheners have released several albums but we are stoked to put out the first album of DAF collaborations and interpretations. Five bands contribute versions, all retaining that DAF dark surreal vibe. full color insert and print, numbered edition of 50 cdrs.

Dead Air Fresheners with:
Wolfgang Macivor
Year of the Lips
Aural Resusitation Unit
Jennifer Robin
Boyd Andersson

Dead Air Fresheners on Wikipedia

Dead Air Fresheners with Boyd Andersson - Take This Shove Culture And Pop It
Take This Shove Culture and Pop It by DubPilot

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