Tuesday, October 19, 2010


DSMS022 PSIDRONIC v2 Compilation

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Psidronic volume II

01. Cloud Whistle by I Like You, Go Home

02. the tombstone of Zibby Judas by Stone Cedar

03. What The Thunder Said by Zilmrah /0\

04. The Death of Jesus by John 3:16

05. Feel My Hair Growing by Joe Grove

06. Analog Monkey by NRYY

07. neighborhood killings by Boar

Psidronic is an ongoing series, anyone is welcome to submit a track. The guidelines are that the track be longform(ideally 10-15 minutes), and have elements of psyche and drone (open to interpretation). each volume is made into a download and cdr release. send tracks to dub.pilot@gmail.com

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