Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 019 ARU meets FluiD : Fearless Empire Killers

DSMS019 ARU meets FluiD: Fearless Empire Killers

Digital Release by Alrealon Music. Available now on iTunes etc. but we suggest

this one

3 inch cdrs available $3 ppd

Alrealon Music and Dubuque Strange Music Society are proud to announce a remix contest for 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers'. ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers was a collaboration between Iowa dub/glitch musician ARU and Chicago industrial/bass musician FluiD. Alrealon Music and DSMS are making available the three "dub sets" which formed the basis for ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers.

The best seven remixes/deconstructions/reconstructions/interpretations will be released by Alrealon Music digitallly and by DSMS as a limited edition CDR.

The title for the release is, 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers (version)'.

You can download the dub sets here - http://www.alrealon.co.uk/contest2010/ARUmeetsFluiD_RemixContest.zip

Please upload your track as a 24bit wav file. Once your track has been uploaded, please send the download link to fluidemusique@gmail.com.

Also, please make sure to include your artist name and title of your remix.

Deadline for submissions: Dec. 15, 2010

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