Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 008 Sobou Shuu/ ARU - Beaver Moon

DSMS008 Beaver Moon - Sobou Shuu/ARU Split

great double feature album that displays the most involved stencil and spraypaint and block printed sleeves so far for DSMS. ARU has the A side (first tracks anyway) and its rag huffin' ragga trance repetitive droney sounds over 2 longer tracks with a short plunderphonic world traveler jam in the middle. Sobou Shuu brings it with some harsh noise peppered with fractured drum machine assault on his first few tracks , and they really hit the noise heds right upside the noggin. He finishes with "NerdGOREz", probably the strangest track in the DSMS catalog. It takes four hours of field recordings of him and some friends playing some first person shooter online game and chops into 15 minute segments, then overlays all of them on top of each other. The train to complete disorientation is leaving the station, grab a ticket quick.

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