Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 006 Fair Conditioner/ ARU - Land Of Be

DSMS006 LAND OF BE - ARU meets Fair Conditioner

In collaboration, Fair Conditioner and I sent files back and forth for a few months, sampling, reworking, overdubbing, and obliterating each others tracks. Thats probably why I could never seem to keep the track titles straight, neither the DSMS cd-r version, or the re-release version on Scotch Tapes (big ups!) have track listings. The description of the now out of print cassette version from Scotch Tapes went something like "One of the best weird noise recordings I've heard this year, and I've heard alot". Some tracks are long form dub-reggae-esque burners, some are plunderphonic freekouts, some exude rare noise soul vibration.

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