Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 005 Boar/ARU/Jason Covelli - Evilovers

DSMS005 Evilovers -Boar, ARU featuring Jason"Evil" Covelli

This is a split between Boar and ARU, but first track from ARU is a collab with Jason who sent a few spoken word rants for me to work with. Rather than just create some background noises to accompany Jason's narrative, the words get chopped, slammed, reversed, taken out of context, and all manner of fucked up. Makes for a truly fucking insane ten minutes, and Jason and ARU are in negotiations for a second collab, loosely based on the occult and x-rays. Boar gets sandwiched in the middle, but with tracks like "Taphephobia/Sanguivoriphobia" he dominates and brutalizes the listener something proper regardless. He hits a minimal dubby sound for a long stretch and while I haven't heard EVERY Boar release, I've heard alot of them and this is Boar in rare form. The second part of Boars tracks will sound more Boar-like so dig in. Final track is ARU doing some sampler voodoo magic.

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