Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 004 ARU meets Fair Conditioner - Recycled

DSMS004 "recycled" Fair Conditioner meets ARU cassette

Here is an oddball release. Fair Conditioner and myself had been sending files back and forth working on a full length collaboration. I was jamming in the basement one day and recorded a solid hour that incorporated lots of bits from Fair Conditioner and lots of my beats and samples that would end up on that album. This isn't that album tho. Had no plan to release it until some friends in East Moline asked for some promotional freebies for some grab bags for a music fest promotion. I was inspired to dub 23 copies of this jam onto old tapes of radio shows from ten years back. Until this operation moves over to noisearchive.org this one is out of print. The final collab turned out sweet though, check that one out eh?

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