Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 003 No Sound/Big Drum Sky Religion/ ARU - Triple Trance Trick

DSMS003 Triple Trance Trick - No Sound, Big Drum Sky Religion, ARU 3way split

Three way split that was criminally underproduced for a first pressing, or maybe that's cool? I only have a couple copies left of this one but its worthy of a second edition if needed. Each band submitted a 20 minute track...not 3 long songs tho, each 20 minutes is like a mini-album on the maxi-album, individual soundworlds with peaks and valleys and singing and banging on shit and lots of WTF sounds on each of the three sides. Maybe it's just cause we've only put out one side from No Sound, but to me those 20 minutes are ultra pleasurable chaotic unpredictability, the merging of live instruments with god knows what, and especially the secret magic moment when after all the noise and chaos some pure honey sweet vocals rise to the surface and for a moment all is right in this fucked up world.

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