Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 003 Boar/Big Drum Sky Religion/ARU - 3WAYS2X1T

DSMS002 3WAYS2X1T Boar,Big Drum Sky Religion, ARU 3way Split

Three way split that goes for the manic shaman with a noisebox extreme sermonizing.
The tracks on this one mix it up pretty nice, all shuffled together. Chants, hippie drum circles, feedback, Stephen Colbert all make appearances. Boar closes the whole thing down with "Epic meets Destroyed" and you will be bowed over trying to scoop all yr entrails back into yrself after hearing this one start to finish. Package wise, I did a real labor intensive gatefold style sleeve to accomodate the doublewide full color ancient alien themed artwork. This one also fails to tell you which band plays which track but does it really matter?
of course it does!
01- Limited to Pus- Boar
02- Collision Dub- ARU
03- The Big Drum Speaks- BDSR
04- Drum Lust- Boar
05- Family Gathering Jam- Anon@BASSment
06- Vocal Dissent- ARU
07- Kings- Boar
08- The Big Drum In The Sky Religion- BDSR
09-remix edit ARU/BDSR
10- Catfish Love- Boar
11- The Colbert Bump- ARU
12- Epic Meets Destroyed- Boar

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