Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS 001 Abstructive/ARU - Gauzed Methodz

DSMS001 ARU/Abstructive Split

Both bands have interest and respect for the work of Bryn Jones, AKA Muslimgauze. This album attempts to channel that vibe and ends up a dark beat driven soundscape with the noise and minimalism of Muslimgauze brought to the fore. This one features fairly deluxe packaging in that the sleeves are hand painted and stamped and there is an inner sleeve with a target motif that folds and closes all origami-like. The cds are laser etched and repeat the target design of the inner sleeve. Tracks are not attributed to the bands tho, so it goes like this: 1. Secret Handshake-ARU 2. Ripples in your Scotch-Abstructive 3. Locked Groove-ARU 4.Does the De-Lay your Senses?- Abstructive 5. Gaza is a Cage-ARU 6. Cyclobe Steppin It-Abstructive 6. AK47 Rasta Killer- ARU 7.Shunted Outsider-Abstructive 8. lo-fi Listener Abuse-ARU 9.Synth Wave Surfin-Abstructive 10.Bass Bomb Assault-ARU 11.Muted Out Mid Circuit- Abstructive.

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