Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DSMS024 Dead Air Fresheners - Separated by Commas

Remixes of a long running anonymous noise/dark ambient/spoken word collective based in Portland Oregon.Known for always playing in disguise, performance art fueled live shows have been leaving listeners speechless. Dead Air Fresheners have released several albums but we are stoked to put out the first album of DAF collaborations and interpretations. Five bands contribute versions, all retaining that DAF dark surreal vibe. full color insert and print, numbered edition of 50 cdrs.

Dead Air Fresheners with:
Wolfgang Macivor
Year of the Lips
Aural Resusitation Unit
Jennifer Robin
Boyd Andersson

Dead Air Fresheners on Wikipedia

Dead Air Fresheners with Boyd Andersson - Take This Shove Culture And Pop It
Take This Shove Culture and Pop It by DubPilot

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSMS023 X+X 23

DSMS023 "23" X+X

Definately a switching of gears here, short concise bursts of noise and melody. Choreographed cues lead the inprovisations to uncharted sound. For being composed of short segments, 23 has great flow and narrative, sucking you down the rabbit hole for the duration. Music stops and you realize the journey is the destination. Heat of X+X describes the process right here

review from Foxy Digitalis
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X+X "J" from 23
X+X "J" from the album 23 by DubPilot


DSMS022 PSIDRONIC v2 Compilation

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Psidronic volume II

01. Cloud Whistle by I Like You, Go Home

02. the tombstone of Zibby Judas by Stone Cedar

03. What The Thunder Said by Zilmrah /0\

04. The Death of Jesus by John 3:16

05. Feel My Hair Growing by Joe Grove

06. Analog Monkey by NRYY

07. neighborhood killings by Boar

Psidronic is an ongoing series, anyone is welcome to submit a track. The guidelines are that the track be longform(ideally 10-15 minutes), and have elements of psyche and drone (open to interpretation). each volume is made into a download and cdr release. send tracks to

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DSMS 021 Bob Bucko JR - Volte Face

DSMS021 Bob Bucko JR - Volte Face
Out Now!Volte Face CDs (#'d edition of 100) now available! Over an hour of face melt. Compiles 2010's three super-limited EPs plus an exclusive Daniel Johnston cover. Full on pharmaco-improv overload. $5 ppd (or trade)

The brilliance and dexterity of these songs culled from boxes of 4-track home recordings of bbJR overdubbing guitar,sax,bass,drums,vocals,noise boxes++ will leave you seeing spots. essential listening.

bbJR @ Bandcamp

This is track one
We are freedom cats by bob bucko JR

DSMS 020 Bob Bucko JR - I See Ghosts Now Every Day

DSMS020 I See Ghosts Now Every Day - Bob Bucko JR

We decided to do something different for BBJR. A trilogy of releases in different formats, one 3inch cdr, one cassette, and one download only. These are all taken from the personal archives of BBJR. Eventually we will be producing a final CD version that will have everything from these and one bonus track. Until then enjoy these solo voyages into deep space and back.

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DSMS 019 ARU meets FluiD : Fearless Empire Killers

DSMS019 ARU meets FluiD: Fearless Empire Killers

Digital Release by Alrealon Music. Available now on iTunes etc. but we suggest

this one

3 inch cdrs available $3 ppd

Alrealon Music and Dubuque Strange Music Society are proud to announce a remix contest for 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers'. ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers was a collaboration between Iowa dub/glitch musician ARU and Chicago industrial/bass musician FluiD. Alrealon Music and DSMS are making available the three "dub sets" which formed the basis for ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers.

The best seven remixes/deconstructions/reconstructions/interpretations will be released by Alrealon Music digitallly and by DSMS as a limited edition CDR.

The title for the release is, 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers (version)'.

You can download the dub sets here -

Please upload your track as a 24bit wav file. Once your track has been uploaded, please send the download link to

Also, please make sure to include your artist name and title of your remix.

Deadline for submissions: Dec. 15, 2010

DSMS 018 Bob Bucko JR - Self Esteem Hand Jive

DSMS018 Self Esteem Hand Jive - Bob Bucko JR

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DSMS017 PSIDRONIC v1 Compilation

First in a series of releases focusing on psychedelic drone music.

01.How to Infatuate-Paregorik
02.nevermind it doesn't matter-Scrap Matter
03.At Mind's Edge- Death Factory
04.Mahakaladelic- Big Drum Sky Religion
05.Long Distance Tranceporter- Los Todos

here's a review from Foxy Digitalis:
V/A, “Psidronic Volume VI”
January 20, 2011 By Mike Wood This is chugging, wall-sound, Psych drone compilation by one Randy Carter from Iowa. His label features plenty of noise and head-twisting grooves; “Psidronic volume VI” is only the tip of the iceberg of what is available from the Dubuque Strange Music Society.

All five of the tracks on this short taster are well over twelve minutes, with the shimmering, minimal buzzsaw of Big Drum Sky Religion’s “Mahakaladelic” being probably the best. A close second would have to be the haunting “Long Distance Tranceporter” by Los Todos. Paregorik and Death Factory check in with some fairly obvious droning noise, but with some interesting bits. Scrap Matter kick a serious noise track full of surprising pulses and diversions (“nervermind it doesn’t matter”).

Dubuque Strange Music Society is a label, a community, a philosophy, all wrapped up and delivered by a man who loves just about any intelligent sound. “Psidronic volume VI” is abrasive and fun, menacing and yearning. And I think you ought to drop a few bucks Randy’s way to help keep the collective alive and bitching.

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DSMS 016 RedSK - Voice and Sound

DSMS016 Voice and Sound - RedSK

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DSMS 015 Bob Bucko JR - Always With The Don't Go

DSMS015 always with the don't go - Bob Bucko JR

"Just putting this out there, as I prepare to do another round of recordings- my tequila-ridden improvisational take on Mardi Gras. Horns, strings, tables, and chairs. And a throaty throat."

01 driving eyes closed
02 driving eyes open
03 ShyShout
04 too long for this world

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DSMS 014 No Sound - Hippie

DSMS014 Hippie - No Sound

DSMS 013 Make Believe Bombs - Whiskey Priest

DSMS013 Whiskey Priest - Make Believe Bombs, Pink Blatch, ARU 3way split

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DSMS 012 Point From Rooftops, RedSK, ARU - Third Ice Cream

DSMS012 Third Ice Cream - RedSK, Point from Rooftops, ARU 3way Split

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DSMS 011 ARU- An Industry Of Metals

DSMS011 An Industry of Metals - ARU

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DSMS 010 Black Scorpio Underground/ ARU

DSMS010 Black Scorpio Underground/ARU Split

DSMS 009 Big Drum Sky Religion/ ARU - I Hear Drums, I Hear Voices

DSMS009 I Hear Drums I Hear Voices - Big Drum Sky Religion /ARU Split

review from Foxy Digitalis

What’s with all the religious or quasi-religious affectation these days in underground circles? If there were any residue of a punk attitude, a sacrilegious secularity, in the current crop of anti-establishment music, then it is not so much an anti-religious sentiment as total indifference bordering on autism. Rather than an object of derision, religion or at least the pretence of religion then becomes the last resort of resistance.
However, regardless of your Weltanschauung, what Big Drum in the Sky Religion effect in sound, here in cahoots with Aural Resuscitation Unit, might persuade you to become a devotee of whatever worship the combined forces of Sky and Resuscitation manifest. This disc, aptly called I Hear Drums, I Hear Voices, is proffered to us by the equally esoteric Dubuque Strange Music Society, which asserts it deals in Industrial, Afrobeat, Experimental. Well, strange it is what you hear on I Hear Drums, I Hear Voices. The music is as close to what you expect members of an animistic tribe to do by way of leisure activities. The sonorous chant throughout the first track of the disc, clocking in at over 27 minutes, is pitted against ringing percussion, reminiscent of the clanging sound of The Nubians of Plutonia-era Sun Ra, its closest ally in attempting to reach the sky through the sound of music.
Whilst the 1st track plumbs the depths of earthly devotion with an emphasis on the lowest frequencies, the second number on the disc goes for more heavenly, trebly realms: bizarre brass or flute sounds (from what I can gather) and odd percussive lines are coupled with repeated female phrasing for the first 10 minutes or so, whereafter the flutes and what not get all Near Eastern, if in a very, very contorted way, occasionally adorned anew by the woman’s chants to subsequently end in a giddying drone. This is weird 21st century stuff, referencing ancient practices, but engrossing nonetheless.


DSMS 008 Sobou Shuu/ ARU - Beaver Moon

DSMS008 Beaver Moon - Sobou Shuu/ARU Split

great double feature album that displays the most involved stencil and spraypaint and block printed sleeves so far for DSMS. ARU has the A side (first tracks anyway) and its rag huffin' ragga trance repetitive droney sounds over 2 longer tracks with a short plunderphonic world traveler jam in the middle. Sobou Shuu brings it with some harsh noise peppered with fractured drum machine assault on his first few tracks , and they really hit the noise heds right upside the noggin. He finishes with "NerdGOREz", probably the strangest track in the DSMS catalog. It takes four hours of field recordings of him and some friends playing some first person shooter online game and chops into 15 minute segments, then overlays all of them on top of each other. The train to complete disorientation is leaving the station, grab a ticket quick.

DSMS 007 ARU - Dubplate volume two

DSMS007 ARU - Dubplate Volume Two: Idol Worship

Idol Worship by aural resuscitation unit

part of an ongoing series of ethno forgery glitch addled rhythmic noise recordings by ARU. Unlike the first dub plate, which wore its 67 individual tracks right on the sleeve, DPV2 takes roughly 40 discreet, individual jams and strings them along like so many psychedelic pearls into a short 20 minute EP length single track. Because of this no one is able to decipher the subliminal messages that were embedded between tracks. Stephen Colbert makes an appearace on this one, and several youtube voices and noises. A sleeper in the ARU catalogue .

DSMS 006 Fair Conditioner/ ARU - Land Of Be

DSMS006 LAND OF BE - ARU meets Fair Conditioner

In collaboration, Fair Conditioner and I sent files back and forth for a few months, sampling, reworking, overdubbing, and obliterating each others tracks. Thats probably why I could never seem to keep the track titles straight, neither the DSMS cd-r version, or the re-release version on Scotch Tapes (big ups!) have track listings. The description of the now out of print cassette version from Scotch Tapes went something like "One of the best weird noise recordings I've heard this year, and I've heard alot". Some tracks are long form dub-reggae-esque burners, some are plunderphonic freekouts, some exude rare noise soul vibration.

DSMS 005 Boar/ARU/Jason Covelli - Evilovers

DSMS005 Evilovers -Boar, ARU featuring Jason"Evil" Covelli

This is a split between Boar and ARU, but first track from ARU is a collab with Jason who sent a few spoken word rants for me to work with. Rather than just create some background noises to accompany Jason's narrative, the words get chopped, slammed, reversed, taken out of context, and all manner of fucked up. Makes for a truly fucking insane ten minutes, and Jason and ARU are in negotiations for a second collab, loosely based on the occult and x-rays. Boar gets sandwiched in the middle, but with tracks like "Taphephobia/Sanguivoriphobia" he dominates and brutalizes the listener something proper regardless. He hits a minimal dubby sound for a long stretch and while I haven't heard EVERY Boar release, I've heard alot of them and this is Boar in rare form. The second part of Boars tracks will sound more Boar-like so dig in. Final track is ARU doing some sampler voodoo magic.

out of print

DSMS 004 ARU meets Fair Conditioner - Recycled

DSMS004 "recycled" Fair Conditioner meets ARU cassette

Here is an oddball release. Fair Conditioner and myself had been sending files back and forth working on a full length collaboration. I was jamming in the basement one day and recorded a solid hour that incorporated lots of bits from Fair Conditioner and lots of my beats and samples that would end up on that album. This isn't that album tho. Had no plan to release it until some friends in East Moline asked for some promotional freebies for some grab bags for a music fest promotion. I was inspired to dub 23 copies of this jam onto old tapes of radio shows from ten years back. Until this operation moves over to this one is out of print. The final collab turned out sweet though, check that one out eh?

DSMS 003 No Sound/Big Drum Sky Religion/ ARU - Triple Trance Trick

DSMS003 Triple Trance Trick - No Sound, Big Drum Sky Religion, ARU 3way split

Three way split that was criminally underproduced for a first pressing, or maybe that's cool? I only have a couple copies left of this one but its worthy of a second edition if needed. Each band submitted a 20 minute track...not 3 long songs tho, each 20 minutes is like a mini-album on the maxi-album, individual soundworlds with peaks and valleys and singing and banging on shit and lots of WTF sounds on each of the three sides. Maybe it's just cause we've only put out one side from No Sound, but to me those 20 minutes are ultra pleasurable chaotic unpredictability, the merging of live instruments with god knows what, and especially the secret magic moment when after all the noise and chaos some pure honey sweet vocals rise to the surface and for a moment all is right in this fucked up world.

DSMS 003 Boar/Big Drum Sky Religion/ARU - 3WAYS2X1T

DSMS002 3WAYS2X1T Boar,Big Drum Sky Religion, ARU 3way Split

Three way split that goes for the manic shaman with a noisebox extreme sermonizing.
The tracks on this one mix it up pretty nice, all shuffled together. Chants, hippie drum circles, feedback, Stephen Colbert all make appearances. Boar closes the whole thing down with "Epic meets Destroyed" and you will be bowed over trying to scoop all yr entrails back into yrself after hearing this one start to finish. Package wise, I did a real labor intensive gatefold style sleeve to accomodate the doublewide full color ancient alien themed artwork. This one also fails to tell you which band plays which track but does it really matter?
of course it does!
01- Limited to Pus- Boar
02- Collision Dub- ARU
03- The Big Drum Speaks- BDSR
04- Drum Lust- Boar
05- Family Gathering Jam- Anon@BASSment
06- Vocal Dissent- ARU
07- Kings- Boar
08- The Big Drum In The Sky Religion- BDSR
09-remix edit ARU/BDSR
10- Catfish Love- Boar
11- The Colbert Bump- ARU
12- Epic Meets Destroyed- Boar

DSMS 001 Abstructive/ARU - Gauzed Methodz

DSMS001 ARU/Abstructive Split

Both bands have interest and respect for the work of Bryn Jones, AKA Muslimgauze. This album attempts to channel that vibe and ends up a dark beat driven soundscape with the noise and minimalism of Muslimgauze brought to the fore. This one features fairly deluxe packaging in that the sleeves are hand painted and stamped and there is an inner sleeve with a target motif that folds and closes all origami-like. The cds are laser etched and repeat the target design of the inner sleeve. Tracks are not attributed to the bands tho, so it goes like this: 1. Secret Handshake-ARU 2. Ripples in your Scotch-Abstructive 3. Locked Groove-ARU 4.Does the De-Lay your Senses?- Abstructive 5. Gaza is a Cage-ARU 6. Cyclobe Steppin It-Abstructive 6. AK47 Rasta Killer- ARU 7.Shunted Outsider-Abstructive 8. lo-fi Listener Abuse-ARU 9.Synth Wave Surfin-Abstructive 10.Bass Bomb Assault-ARU 11.Muted Out Mid Circuit- Abstructive.